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Antonino Germano Medical School Prof. Professor Dr. Antonino Germano, professor and chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Messina had a research fellowship under the supervision of Dr.

Professor Germano has a pioneer role in research and clinical application of high precision transcortical magnetic stimulation Nexstim.

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Our professional interest joined again about four years ago, when we aimed to set up a high-precision transcortical magnetic stimulation system for the Department of Neurosurgery. Due to his invaluable contribution and support we have established a very close collaboration with the University of Messina. This project also has been materialized in a H grant under revision my city bremen single well as a joint research program on transcortical neurostimulation.

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In the framework of our collaboration a total of six colleagues from the Department of Neurosurgery have attended four-week courses in Messina on functional MRI, neuropsychology. We have submitted two scientific abstracts in cooperation with Department of Neurosurgery in Messina for the annual Conference of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies based on the results of our joint research project my city bremen single the functional plasticity to expand the clinical use of Nexstim.

Professor Germano has been to Hungary on numerous occasions and has given a number of lectures in Pécs. The award of the Honoris Causa Professorship will further guarantee that the joint efforts and the established scientific cooperation will results in shared international PhD and residency programs with the University of Messina.

Creating the joint Summer Program certainly brought new perspectives to the then already 7 year old institutional cooperation between the respected institutions. These programs and activities ensured that the institutional cooperation became an active on personal-professional relationship based real cooperation involving more than 30 faculty members from both institutions.

Dušan Nikolić is honorary doctor of the University of Pécs since 8 November Born in Pančevo in He graduated from the Novi Sad Faculty of Law in My city bremen single he received his LL. His teaching career started in when he was elected for the assistant at the Department of Civil Law.

In he was promoted to the assistant professor, in to the associate professor nő keresési marcq háztartási baroeul in to the full professor. Professor Nikolić teaches Civil law, Property law, and from time to time, Obligation law. He also made shorter study visits to around twenty my city bremen single universities on the basis of inter-university cooperation programmes.

Professor Dušan Nikolić was a co-ordinator of social sciences research projects of the Young Researches of Vojvodina. He mentored seminar papers and theses in the course of LL.

He participated in preparation of legislative drafts of several federal and state laws. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of an international journal European Lawyer Journala member of the working group for preparation of the draft of the Law on Property and a member of the Social Sciences Board of Matica Srpska.

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He is a director of Matica Srpska project titled: Private law in Vojvodina between the two world wars. Areas of academic interest: general principles of civil law, history of civil law, philosophy of civil law, torts, intellectual property law, environmental law, information law, harmonization of private law, law of urban planning and civil engineering. Languages: English, French, Russian.

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Professor Nikolić published several books and over academic articles and other scholarly writings. Stefan Pollak Medical School Dr. Stefan Pollak my city bremen single honorary doctor of the University of Pécs since 8 November Sándor Csányi is honorary doctor of the University of Pécs since 4 May He is an economist with a specialisation in finance, and a certified auditor.

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After graduation he worked at the Revenue Directorate and then at the Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance, after which, between andhe was a departmental head at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry.

From to he worked as a head of department at Magyar Hitel Bank. Since he has been the vice-president of the FIFA.

Didn't you want to take a risk or Liverpool didn't let the attack unfold?

He has worked as a junior research fellow, then research fellow and senior research fellow with the Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since During this time, without stopping contacts with the Institute, he also taught as professor at universities in France and the US, he was member of the Hungarian Parliament and of the Government in the s.

Then, inhe spent three years in London as member of the Board of Directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He is an internationally recognised researcher of the economic systems and macroeconomic problems of Central and Eastern European countries.

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He was appointed honorary assistent professor of the University of Pécs inand habilitated at the Faculty in But the violators have never been punished. Economists — Charles Wyplosz some other colleagues — have recently designed a concept according to which the seigniorage revenue of the ECB could become the source of servicing an important fraction of outstanding public debts.

This would also imply a politically acceptable way to reduce high debts to a reasonable level, i.

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After it, any member government would only be threatened by bankruptcy if it behaved in an extremely irresponsible way. My question is whether then the system of fiscal rules should still be maintained. Donald Tusk was born in in Gdańsk, Poland.

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In he started studying history at the University of Gdańsk, where he got involved in illegal activities against the Communist regime. In the s he was an activist in the underground Solidarity movement. In he launched the Political Review, a monthly that promoted economic liberalism and democracy. An informal think-tank supporting Lech Wałęsa was centred around the periodical. After the fall of communism the think-tank members known kislemez spreewald the Gdańsk Liberals formed a government following the first free presidential elections in Poland.

They also founded the Liberal Democratic Congress, with Tusk as its leader. He also published books on the history of Gdańsk.

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In he was one of the initiators of the centrist Civic Platform party, which he led from Tusk was Prime Minister frommaking him the longest-serving premier in democratic Poland, and the first to be reelected. Tusk was elected President of the European Council my city bremen single for a second term in She has been a visionary leader, mentor and innovator in the field of International Education for over 35 years and has been a driving force behind the professionalization of International Education across Canada and beyond.

The contributions she has made to her institutions, specifically the University of British My city bremen single and Capilano University, where she was recognized with awards for teaching excellence, program innovation and outstanding student service, have been significant and lasting. At a time when few faculty on campus were engaged in international activities, Catherine initially focussed on the business school but subsequently led several successful campus-wide internationalization projects focussed on my city bremen single student experience and curriculum change.

But it is her outreach, sharing and community building that really sets Catherine apart. For over 25 years at the annual international education conferences in Canada, the USA and Europe she has led countless seminars on best practices. In the last 10 years she pioneered and led 70 faculty members from 17 institutions across Canada on intensive internationalization trips in the EU and my city bremen single Catherine became the only non-American to lead the 9, attendee NAFSA conference, the largest international education conference in the world.

Catherine has been a trailblazer, and one who has always been so generous with both her time and experience, that both provincial and federal government organizations have given her their distinguished leadership and lifetime achievement awards.

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A constant and active mentor to so many she is most deserving of this recognition. Afterwards, he completed his graduate program at the same faculty in Then, he continued his studies in England from to Gural is leading in the industries of porcelain, sanitaryware, energy and tourism.

A bejelentkezés kezdete:a kijelentkezés időszak vége: Korai bejelentkezést, illetve késői kijelentkezést kérhet a foglalás során, melyre a szabad kapacitás függvényében van lehetőség. A megadott időszakon kívüli be- és kijelentkezés pótdíj megfizetését vonhatja maga után. A szálláshely szálloda poggyászmegőrzési szolgáltatást kínál a vendégek számára a bejelentkezés előtt és a kijelentkezés után.

Gural products are exported to more than 50 counties, and guests from all around the world are welcome in holiday resorts. Nearly 3. Ismet Gural is married and he has three children. During his term of office; not only economic relations, but also cultural relations have always been of high importance. Establishing partnership between the universities of both cities was first arisen in during the visit of Turkish Prime Minister, Mr.

Suleyman Demirel to Pecs. After that visit, Ismet Gural who was a member of Turkish delegation in the visit, worked a lot in both universities for establishing this partnership.

He is contributing to the efforts to improve the cultural relations between Hungary and Turkey by supporting the events and my city bremen single of Dumlupınar University at Kutahya and University of Pécs.